The Moto Club communicates Moto Club Terni "L.Liberati - P.Pileri"

October 20, 2011
Dear friends,
Considered to the high amount of pre-registrations received to date, the desire to respond to numerous requests voiced by many of you, in full respect of the excellentrelations that bind us for years to groups of participants, who now ask us to get some more time to organize their participation, we have contacted our company and trust that manages the program on our website in order to reprogram the same in order to be able to offer a range of pre-registration to private groups (minimum of five participants) amount of 1,250.00 per person (excluding night of Saturday, May 26, 2012), this price will be reserved for you until November 30, 2011.
Some of sportsmanship and having demonstrated our willingness, we take the opportunity to send you FYI.

The president
Massimo Mansueti

For further information and registration here ; Phones: cell. +39335370928, +39330883852, office +39744484426, fax +39744484428

August 28, 2011
Dear friends,
here is MOTOGIRO D'ITALIA 2012 programme, the "Solidarity Motogiro", that will take place for the great part of the event in Abruzzo, where we will try with our convoyto give a concrete sign of our support to one of the most beautiful region of Italy, with its not much busy roads, with its places and villages and stunning views, with its Natural Parks, with its population warm and friendly welcome, so hardly tried by the shocking earthquake that hit them a few years ago.
We will reach all together, amazing places, where it will be possible to see eagles flying, where the union between men and nature reaches the greatest expression. We want to inform you that in the light of the excellent hit of 2010 and 2011 editions, the Italian Motorcycle Federation (F.M.I.), entrusted us for the next 4 years , the event management, giving also us the authorization to publicize it right now.
As you could see, in the included forms, we kept the entry fees on last year edition level, giving the opportunity to those who will finalize their pre entry up to September 30th 2011, at a deducted price, we added also the complimentary last night (Saturday, May 26th 2012).
In this edition, we also took care of your possible assistants or mechanics, that will follow you along the race course, suggesting for them a fair price.
Up to December 31st 2011, we would like to reach the competitors totally target, that means that we will be allowed during the following months to take care at the organizing aspects, to offer you the best in comfort and efficiency.
We pray you, in the light of what we explained, to finalize as soon as possible your pre entries; we specify that the dates set out in the expirations list couldn't be flexible, the data processing management programme, couldn't allow also us, system administrators, to make changes in that meaning, being programmed to not exist iniquity against anybody. We want also to inform you that on September 9th,10th and 11th 2011, we will be in Imola, at International Show Market at Stand # 76 (in front of Meeting Hall), easilyaccessible by the main entrance in Viale Dante.
This will be a good opportunity to effect directly your 2012 edition entry, to talk about all the details you will need, and we will give you (free) the 2011 edition movie (DVD).
We will wait for you, big hugs to you all.
Massimo, Laura, Paolo, Marcello and all the Terni Club staff

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