The club was established in 1925 in the reading-room of l’Unione town association.

On 14th June 1925 the club organized a now-classical motorcycling event for Terni, the Terni-Passo della somma, race. This event was followed by several others, which were run in the old track situated at Viale Brin, Terni.

It also organized such international motorcycling races as Cricuito dell’acciaio and Circuito delle ferriere, where Libero Liberati and Paolo Pileri from Terni became internationally renowned and covered themselves with glory.

Over the years, the Terni L. “Liberati – P. Pileri” Motoclub organized national and international test sessions of all motorcycling categories in collaboration with the C.O.N.I. and the International and Italian Motorcycling Federations. This uninterrupted activity contributed to the achievement of resounding success and gratitude for the efforts and passion applied.

Other events included the only test session of the international trial championship run in the center of Italy, the first historical re-enactment of Motogiro d’Italia in 1989, the Milano-Taranto, lo Scudo del Sud, the first Giro Scooter d’Italia, Giramoto….and the tradition renewed itself year by year.