Braking on curves and then launching again on the straights, the uphill runners proceed in fits and starts, like raindrops on the windows. This is the fun of the most beautiful and treacherous of racing.”


The Motogiro of Italy is the historical re-enactment of the oldest and most prestigious Italian motorcycle race in stages.

Born in 1914, the Motogiro reaches its top thanks to the Italian Motorcycle Federation between 1953 and 1957, when it becomes a true legend for two-wheel enthusiasts. The adventure ends in 1957, the year of the abolition of all road races after the terrible accident at the 1000Miglia.

Established in 1914, the Motogiro achieved its peak of success from 1953 to 1957, when it became a myth for motorcycle enthusiasts thanks to the efforts of the Italian Motorcycle Federation. The adventure ended in 1957, when all motorcycle races on public roads were abolished in the aftermath of the terrible Mille Miglia accident.
It was resurrected in 1967/68/69 again thanks to the Federation’s efforts, but this time as a road time trial and not as a full race. Terni Motoclub re-launched the event in 1989 and soon obtained a great success in terms of number of participants and media coverage and this achievement was repeated and even increased in the following years. In 2011 the Motogiro d’Italia was organized as 20th historical recalling and was attended by a large and loyal audience and enthusiastic participants, who wished to re-live the spirit and passion of the motorcycling golden age.
The editions of 2001 to 2007 were mainly sponsored by Ducati Motor and marked the renaissance of Motogiro d’Italia, with the participation of the very best of Italian motorcycle makers: Ducati, Morini, Moto Guzzi, Benelli, MV Agusta, Bianchi and Gilera.

Motogiro d'Italia 2018

The Motogiro boasts the participation of champions of the 1950’s such as Giuliano Maoggi, Remo Venturi (who is still racing) and Leopoldo Tartarini as well as numerous racers from all over the world.

This event undoubtedly plays an outstanding sports, economic, tourist and cultural role and it occupies a prominent place in the international sporting stage. It can be identified through specific characteristics of genre, image, public attraction and media coverage.

This important role both in Italy and abroad is testified by the very large number of applications received. Besides its specific role of showcase sporting event, the Motogiro is also a significant local economic incentive and an enrichment for the Italian image. The target audience is typically situated in the medium-high income range aged 18 to 55.

The Motogiro has its roots in the European tradition of road racing which in the Belpaese began with the Italian Automobile Tour of 1901, when all the motor vehicles were defined as “cars”. This race was open all “cars”, that is to motorcycles, small cars and cars.

The competition reserved exclusively for motorcycles originated from the first Italian Circuit organized in 1914 by the Milanese Sport Union and the Gazzetta dello Sport, which was the first motorcycle tour of Italy.

The Motogiro was run from 1953 to 1957, the year in which races on city streets were banned due to the De Portago accident at the Mille Miglia.

The start and finish were held in Bologna, and the average duration of the race, divided into stages to be covered in six days, was about 3000 km.

The event attracted an impressive number of enthusiasts. During the year, the Motogiro of Italy was the first event held on the Italian roads, in the months of March – April, followed by the Mille Miglia which was run in May, to continue with the Milano Taranto in July.

The big motorcycle manufacturers like Benelli, Ducati, Laverda, Moto Morini, MV Agusta and Mondial competed for the victory in categories ranging from the 75 cc class to 175 cc.

The “new” Motogiro d ‘Italia is a commemorative event that takes place under the direct patronage of the IMF (Italian Motorcycle Federation) and FIM. The participating motorcycles are, as a rule, road (or regular) motorcycles produced in the years of the Motogiro, but recently the participation of other models unrelated to the years 1953 – 1957 has been authorized. The motoclub Terni «Libero Liberati and Paolo Pileri» since 1989 manages the organization for the historical re-enactment of the Motogiro, proposing new routes every year and following the registrations of the participants to the event. Over fifty people make up the staff following the event; from the logistics staff to the marshals, to the relay races.




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It is dedicated to those who want to participate in the event as a tourist, without taking part in the competition.



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