The itineraries which are shown in the Road Book are to be considered an indication as  they might be subject to changes, particularly when coming to town crossing,  which may be unexpectedly imposed to us by local authorities.

An updated  version of the Road Book as per today’s date (22nd of May 2019) shall be delivered to all participants on the 26th of May when  the preliminary operations shall be performed at Grand Hotel Duca D’Este, via Tiburtina, 330 Tivoli Terme.

Motogiro d’Italia wishes to remind that itinerary as indicated in the Road Book is subject to changes which might come to us only when the stage is already on its way.  Participants will find the itinerary fully signaled with visible arrows which will be checked up daily prior to every stage.  We highly reccomend to follow the arrow signals as they are the only proven itinerary.