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Among Castles and Fortresses


It has ended on Saturday 23 May 2015 in San Marino, where it started Monday 18, the XXIV edition of the Historical Re-enactment of the Motogiro of Italy, organized by the Moto Club Terni “L. Liberati – P. Pileri” under the aegis of the Motorcycle Federation, both the International and the Italian one.

After six stages, very strenuous, with the last three made even more difficult by bad weather that has raged all over Emilia Romagna, the Lombard Marco Bonanomi riding the MV Agusta 175 cc of 1955, won the most prestigious category, the Historical re-enactment, reserved for motorcycles built between 1953 and 1957, ie the year in which it was ran the Motogiro competitive, before the abolition of all races on roads open to traffic, following the tragedy of De Portago in the Mille Miglia 1958.

BONANOMI_arrivo BONANOMI_cronometro

In the other three categories have imposed themselves the German Michael Cassel (Moto Morini 3 1/2 VS) in the Classic


Silvano Fabbri (Morini Sbarazzino 98), from Bologna, in the Vintage


and Marino Lino (LML Star 4T), from Marche, in Motogiro Tourism.


This edition took place largely in the streets of Emilia Romagna, with some incursions in the Marches and Tuscany. It has been divided into six stages: three in San Marino and three, which have had the same site as origin and destination, in Castrocaro Terme.

A total of just under 1,700 km routes where competitors have spent about 40 hours in the saddle of theirs bikes. As said, the second part of the event was strongly disturbed by bad weather, so that only 55 of the 102 starters have clocked the arrival at the ending CO in the last stage of San Marino, whose arrival was expected in Freedom Square, just in front of the Government Palace, with final parade and evaluation, by a panel of experts, to declare the most beautiful and original motorbike of the entire race. This last program has also been canceled because of bad weather; however, the prize was nonetheless awarded, since the motorbikes had already been evaluated during the special stage held inside the circuit of Imola. The victory went to the Triumph Trident in 1972, brought to the race by Dutchman Marten Morren


who won the trophy, up for grabs by the Secretariat of State for Sport and Tourism of the Republic of San Marino.

Although the number of competitors has narrowed during the six stages, the fight for the win was exciting and uncertain in almost all categories until the end, so much so that were several competitors that have come and gone in command of various classifications.



  • The lost time is not passed trough because it’s a time to pursue and to recover again. To go along again that such heroic feat path that saw in 1914 GAZZETTA DELLO SPORT (Magazine) and UNIONE SPORTIVA MILANESE (Milan Sport Union) to organize the PRIMO GIRO MOTOCICLISTICO D’ITALIA (1st Italian Motorcycle Tour) of our Italy, named again in those times CIRCUITO D’ITALIA (Italian Circuit), and saw the victory of the Italian Oreste MALVISI riding an motorcycle ARIEL. One hundred years have been passed since when the staring flag was dipped on the first fabulous event’s edition, and yet this contest enjoy good health.The atmosphere you breath is amazing, and that brings Motogiro d’Italia an unique experience, as for the contestants as for the large number of spectators, in our beautiful Italy scenery.058mmaoggimg19561MASSIMO MANSUETI
  • Chairman of M. C. Terni “Libero Liberati – Paolo Pileri” ————-> more post>