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…And who isn’t these days? But we want to know if you are “hot” that is, anxious to hear the news regarding the next edition, the one in 2023. You should know that from the next edition we will be organizing the event with the direct participation of the Italian Motorcycle Federation, whose close collaboration will bring the Motogiro d’Italia to a much higher level of visibility. The media channels and news dissemination power that the IMF has will surely be the best vehicle to achieve maximum notoriety and participation. There will be no Autogiro d’Italia cars in 2023. Our partners will organize the event on different dates, and as a result, motorcycles will again be the absolute stars of our event.

In agreement with the FMI we have decided to make some small changes to the Categories: it was agreed to update the Rievocazione Storica category by including in it what was previously the Vintage Category. This decision is due to the fact that, rightly, even the motorcycles from the 1960s participating in the Motogiro d’Italia Regularity Race (which at that time was organized directly by the FMI) are part of the historical re-enactment of the Motogiro d’Italia throughout the historical span of its editions. We believe that creating a larger group to compete with is an attractive incentive for all time trial enthusiasts, eager to try their hand at one another. It would be great if you would register for the event with historic vehicles from 1914 to 1969. This would restore the Motogiro d’Italia to its value as a historical reenactment. It would return to being the traveling museum everyone expects to see, confirming our role as the “Mille Miglia” of two wheels. And even if we fail to reach their splendor, at least we hope to come very close, much to the satisfaction of the participants and us organizers. We have also added the category “Scooters from 1970 to the present” given the large number of enthusiasts who ride them daily on our roads. On the other hand, as for the vintage scooters, they will find a place in the categories in which they already participated in the golden years, just to preserve the historicity of the event.

All other categories will remain unchanged.

Cat. Classics: we have updated the construction dates of the vehicles from 1970 to 1990.

Cat. Motogiro: 1991 to present.

Tourist Cat.: open to all vehicles of any displacement and year.

Then again, even the emblazoned “Mille Miglia” includes many modern Super Cars and other beautiful cars that, however, never participated in the original competition. In 1989, when we started the historical re-enactment, we gave preference to motorcycles up to 1957 and up to 175 cc. As the years went by we added the vehicles from 1914, the year of the first edition of the Motogiro d’Italia, and then the 60s motorcycles, all these vehicles being, in their own right the real protagonists of the history of the event. We thought that the Classics from 1970 to 1990 also found their historical position in the event, having now reached a construction age of more than fifty years in some cases. We can call this a “By popular demand” as we have all touched on the enthusiasm and interest of all the people who see them parading along the route, at the stops and stage finishes. The current bikes, those in the Motogiro Category, certainly give continuity to the history of the event. Let us keep in mind that they will in turn become the historic motorcycles of tomorrow. They should therefore be considered “Instant Classics.”

Having delved into the subject of the categories, let us now talk about the route of the next edition, which will see us travel many of the roads that were the subject of the routes and stage venues of the 1950s. In the years when it has been possible, we have always done at least part of the original routes but have never properly publicized it. In 2023 the route studied will take place mostly in Tuscany, also touching on Lazio and Umbria. The places we will visit are among the absolute most beautiful in Italy, some of them are World Heritage Sites and many of the others belong to the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy. Castles, fortresses, monuments, museums rich in history, routes with breathtaking views, roads with little traffic where you can enjoy in peace riding your favorite vehicle. The return to normalcy, without the Covid-related limitations, will allow us to reinsert along the way, time allowances, which will allow you to properly visit the places where we will stop. For your comfort, we have designed a route that includes for almost the entire event, stopping in the same city for two consecutive nights. This is to allow you to experience the event in a more relaxed way, without the hassle of packing your luggage every day, allowing you to enjoy to the fullest the places covered by the stage venues, cities that will surely be worth visiting in depth. Therefore, we have designed a shorter mileage so that you can reach the hotels at a time when you can better enjoy their services (SPA, Pools, Sea, etc.). As is our custom, the stages have been planned with routes and stops in “Mare e Monti” locations. We are convinced that this more “playful” choice does not alter the passion of the Motogiro d’Italia but increases even more the excitement and strengthens the friendship, enhancing the pleasure of conviviality that the event has always created over the years.

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In the coming days our revamped website, will be available to you.

Read in particular the excerpt from the regulations in paper form and read in detail the new and limited time offers contained in the paper registration form. Afterwards, if you wish, you can also proceed with online registration.

As always we will be at your disposal for any information or clarification.

We look forward to seeing you in great numbers right away.

A hug to you all, hoping to see you again in the same number as before this very ugly period that made us change our habits, even the most beautiful ones that are for us the bearers of personal satisfaction worth living for.

Massimo, Laura, Daniele, Luigi and all the friends of the Staff.

P.S. Recently  the issue of Motociclismo d’Epoca magazine should go on newsstands, in which our journalist friend Claudio Antonaci has written a ten-page article with photos by our photographer Domenico Vallorini dedicated in full to the Motogiro d’Italia 2022.

I recommend that you reserve it if you would like to

issue 7 with the article on the Motogiro is already online, purchasable for € 3.99, there is the Buell RSS 1200 on the cover.

La tradizione italiana delle due ruote


Motogiro d ‘Italia is the historical re-enactment of the oldest and most prestigious Italian motorcycle race in stages. Born in 1914, the Motogiro reaches its top thanks to the Italian Motorcycle Federation between 1953 and 1957, when it becomes a true legend for two-wheel enthusiasts. The adventure ends in 1957, the year of the abolition of all road races after the terrible accident at the 1000Miglia.

Motogiro and the link with the territory


“Here we are. I hate big words; I bring awe. I do not know how to spend those: even for selling fake stuff you have to be cut for it. Yet when you get to this point and the flag is raised freezing all the noise, I always feel something inside me – a mixture of excitement and panic – that I could describe only by big words and because of failure to use them, it remains in my body for long time, as a weight on my stomach. Go!

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“Here we are. I hate big words; I bring awe. I do not know how to spend those: even for selling fake stuff you have to be…