Important news for all participants from the UK.

For those interested, we would like to inform you that a motorbike transport service is active from the United Kingdom to the Motogiro of Italy, and back.


It is also possible to register for the Short Raid. In this case the participants’ arrival is expected on Wednesday May 20th 2020, to carry out the Scrutiny Operations and to take part at the Briefing (times and place to be defined) and be so ready for the start of the Fourth Stage on Thursday 21 May 2020. Or participants’ arrival on May 17th in Villafranca di Verona to carry out the Scrutiny Operations, to take part at the Briefing, to be ready for the start of the first stage on May 18th, arrival Trento on May 20th. Those enrolled in the Short Raid will only be admitted to the daily ranking. The price of the Short Raid registration three stages four nights, four dinners and three breakfasts is 50% off of the currently in force prices, including the group offer.
To register, you must complete the paper forms that can be downloaded from the website under registration voice, complete it in all its parts and send it by e-mail to the addresses: , or



Following numerous requests, the group offer is still valid in the following ways: by registering a group (of which you must tell us the name) composed of at least 3 participants, each member of the group will be entitled to use the reserved registration fee of € 1,650. Furthermore, if the initial members of the group complete their pre-enrollment by 31/03/2020, they will be entitled to those who join the group later to take advantage of the same fee of € 1,650, excluding the overnight stay on Saturday 23 May 2020.

The offer is also valid for those who register as a group in the "Tourist" category: in this case the fee reserved for them is € 1,450, excluding overnight stay on Saturday 23 May 2020.
Please note that it is not necessary for the group to be composed of participants belonging to the same category, but can be composed of participants belonging to different categories including the "Tourist.
All those who want to create a group but do not reach the minimum number, or individuals who want to join a group being formed, are invited to contact us to find out how to register.

In addition, for members of the Desmo Owners Club, the FMI registration will be made at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

For further information, you can send us an email or call us.

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Motogiro and the link with the territory

The Motogiro of Italy, as written by the famous journalist of the 50’s, Silvio Ottolenghi, is “one of the most fascinating races that have been performed since when the man got tired of pedaling.” I want to mention a few sentences of his article published on the brochure of the Motogiro of Italy in the year 1955.

“Here we are. I hate big words; I bring awe. I do not know how to spend those: even for selling fake stuff you have to be cut for it. Yet when you get to this point and the flag is raised freezing all the noise, I always feel something inside me – a mixture of excitement and panic – that I could describe only by big words and because of failure to use them, it remains in my body for long time, as a weight on my stomach.