Moto club Terni was established during the Spring 1925, in the  reading room of the  City Club “L’UNIONE”, placed in Terni, Corso Tacito,5. After March 5th 1962, the day which the 500cc class World Champion Libero Liberati tragically died, the Moto Club, changed its name in Moto Club Terni “Libero Liberati”. On February 13th 2007, after Paolo Pileri (125cc class World Champion ) suddenly death, with a resolution of the Members’ Assembly, the Club assumed the new name and became “Moto Club Terni Libero Liberati – Paolo Pileri”.


Terni-Passo della somma

The “Terni – Passo della Somma” was the first race organized by Moto Club Terni. All Kind of motorcycles were allowed to take part and the stretch was 14,500 Km. long. The winner was Primo Moretti.


Circuito delle Ferriere

This race was a valid alternative to the ones in circuit. It was also repeated in 1947, dividing the competitors in 250 class and 500 class. In this edition, was noted a young and talented Libero Liberati, riding a GUZZI Condor 500.


Circuito dell’Acciaio

The “Circuito delle Ferriere” changed its name and became “Circuito dell’Acciaio” which was joined by two other races:the “Public Gardens Circuit” and the “Social Championship”. The classes allowed were three,and the winners was Liberati in the 500 cc class, Gatti in the 250 cc. class  and Natali in the 100cc. class.


Rievocazione Motogiro d’Italia

In 1989 has been born the Historical Reenactment of Motogiro d’Italia. The first edition started and ended in Bologna, while in 1990, it started and ended in Terni.


Circuito dell'Acciaio

The first Moto Club Terni’s Chairman was in 1925 Amedeo Lo Moro, followed along the years by Enrico Vincenti, Giuseppe Lendinara, Lanfranco Fontana, Athos Fontana, Pietro Pagnanini, Augusto Spadoni, Carlo Giulivi, Giuseppe Granati, Alberto Morresi, Giampiero Sacchi, Paolo Rossi, up today with Massimo Mansueti. In 1968, the Moto Club Terni was been awarded by the Stella d’Argento CONI (CONI Silver Star) because of sporting merits, F.M.I. Gold Medal in 1970 and in 1993 with the CONI Golden Star, because sporting merits. The sport activity started on June 14th 1925, with a race named “Terni – Passo della Somma, on a track 14,500 km. long and going on with micromotors up 125 cc races inside the old football stadium in Viale Brin in Terni. On May 18th1946, the Club history went on with the “Circuito delle Ferriere” , and in 1948, with the first edition of the “Circuito dell’Acciaio”, event which was been repeated along the subsequent years up its 50 years celebration with Paolo Rossi as Club Chairman.

It was actually during these CIRCUITO DELL’ACCIAIO “Steel Circuit” that Libero Liberati used to try to achieve the first position . After his tragically death on March 5th 1962, in December 30th 1963 the Moto Club, through the Honour Committee, gave preference to the project to realize a Monumental Tomb executed by the sculptor Innocenzi. Terni’s Municipal Administration on August 24th 1969 inaugurated the new Municipal Stadium by naming it Libero Liberati, in his memory. Other great riders competed  in the name of the Moto Club, among those we have to remind: Renzo Rossi, Sergio Pannuzzi, Fosco Giansanti, up today with a son of art such as Mirko Giansanti.

The tradition goes on: in fact, in 1989 the Moto Club started to organize the Historical Reenactment of Motogiro d’Italia, then again the Milano /Taranto, the Scudo del Sud, the first Giromotoscooter d’Italia and the Giramoto.

Motogiro d'Italia