Registration can be made online confirming that you have read the Rules Excerpt.

Registrations will be accepted until April 10, 2023; registrations made after this date will be placed on a waiting list and, if the maximum limit of 150 subscribers has not been reached, they will be evaluated by the organization.

IMPORTANT: The simple registration, online or via paper form, will not be accepted and therefore considered valid until the payment of the pre-registration fee of € 500.00. Registration is completed with the payment of the balance, to be made by April 10, 2023.

To participate, the possession of the F.M.I.card is mandatory for insurance and authorization reasons; for those who do not have it, the membership will be at the total expense of the Moto Club Terni “Libero Liberati – Paolo Pileri”, organizer of the event. There is no type of refund / discount for those who already have the F.M.I.card of other Moto Clubs.


The registration fee for all drivers, passengers and assistants/mechanics, excluding the hotel package and all extras, is € 750,00 (including the pre-registration fee of € 500,00).

RIDERS REGISTRATION: The cost of registration for drivers including the hotel package (excluding extras: single room, additional nights, etc.) is € 1.690,00 (including the pre-registration fee of € 500,00). The first 50 drivers registered by 30/09/2022 and not belonging to any group will be entitled to a discount of € 100,00 on the registration fee, which will be € 1.590,00.

TOURISTS REGISTRATION: The registration fee for the conductors of the Tourist category including the hotel package (excluding extras: single room, additional nights, etc.) is € 1.500,00 (including the pre-registration fee of € 500,00). The first 20 tourists registered by 30/09/2022 will be entitled to a discount of € 50,00 on the registration fee, which will be € 1.450,00.

PASSENGERS REGISTRATION: The registration cost for passengers including the hotel package (excluding extras: single room, additional nights, etc.) is € 1.300,00 (including the pre-registration fee of € 500,00 to be paid at the same time as that of the conductor).

ASSISTANT/MECHANIC REGISTRATION: with their own car or van (any assistant or mechanic that drive motorcycle pay the same amount as the Tourists category): The registration fee for assistants/mechanics including the hotel package (excluding extras: single room, additional nights, etc.) is € 1.200.00 (including the pre-registration fee of   € 500,00 to be paid at the same time as that of the conductor),

EXTRAS: The extras for everyone are: overnight stays, dinners, breakfasts and lunches on the days preceding or following the dates included in the package, single room, transport of the second motorbike to be paid for by the organization, various and any to be evaluated with the organization.

For groups of at least three people, the members of the group will receive a discount of € 100,00 on the registration fee, which will be € 1.590,00 instead of 1.690,00. The members of the group who will register by returning to the first 50 and in any case no later than 30/09/2022, will enjoy an additional discount of € 50,00. The first three members of the group who will register by 09/30/2022 (deadline for group registration) will give the opportunity to take advantage of the € 100,00 discount even to those who join the group after that date; upon reaching 10 members, the eleventh will have the registration completely free of charge; the same must be registered as a participant, the amount of his gratuity cannot be used as an additional discount for the group. Groups can be made up of participants registered as “Conductors” of the various categories or as “Tourists” conductors. The “Passengers” do not contribute to reaching the number needed to obtain the free ticket, and do not enjoy the discount; the € 100,00 discount does not apply to “Tourists”, as they are already users of the offer dedicated to them. If the group that will be formed, even of only “Tourists” is very numerous, every 10 paying members the group will be entitled to a free ticket; also in this case, the eleventh who enjoys free admission can be entered in any category.

It will be essential for you to communicate to the organization a different name for each group you are going to form.

IMPORTANT: Before proceeding with registration, it is mandatory to carefully read the excerpt of the regulation of which all points will then be accepted with the signing of the registration, possible both on the online and paper form.

For members from England it is possible to book the transport of motorcycles by contacting Benny Russell writing to or calling +44 1278 652439, and agreeing directly with him.

For those interested in renting a motorcycle, we have two options to offer you:

  • if you want to rent motorbikes from the 70s, you can contact RIDE70s: by clicking on you can see the motorbikes available and get in touch directly with them;
  • if you prefer to rent older motorbikes we can provide you with vehicles made available by private collectors; contact us on for information.

In both cases, the motorcycles will be delivered to you in perfect condition, maintained and checked in all aspects.

For logistical and organizational reasons, and due to the limited number of motorbikes available, we advise you to book your motorbike as soon as possible, so as to be sure of having a motorbike available.

For further information, clarification and help in filling out forms:

Phone: +39 0744 404380;

from Monday to Friday from 11.00am to 1.00pm and from 5.30pm to 7.00pm

Wednesday and Friday from 5.30pm to 7.00pm

Tuesday and Friday from 9.15pm to 10.30pm


Terms and Conditions:

For payments made through credit card, in case of refund, the money will be re-credited to the original purchaser’s credit card for the sum paid, less any credit card commissions.

  • Subscription Renewal If you have already enrolled in at least one of the races from the year 2011, through this module you can automatically enter part of your data into the new form recovering it from the previous registration. Once logged in you will be able to make changes (choice of room type, additional reservations, category, typology etc..) and pay online the registration fee.

If you can't remember your password, check this box and insert your name and surname. A message will be sent to the e-mail address used in your previous registration to the Motogiro d'Italia
  • New subscription
    If you have not participated in another Motogiro and cannot utilize your previously inserted data, this link takes you to the Motogiro d’Italia 2023 registration form.
  • Update subscription
    This feature allows you to update your registration card with modification or correction and to complete the enrollment procedure by paying online or by entering the pre-registration and balance payments information if already made.
  • New group
    This feature allows you to create a group that includes participants of the same Moto Club or association. Registering a group improves the management of hotel bookings and gives the opportunity to members of the same group to stay in the same hotel or restaurant.
  • Update group
    This feature allows you to modify or update with ulterior participants a group already created, make pre-enrollment group payments on line or enter information about group payments already done.