If good habits are not to be abandoned, an appointment now habitual to put on the agenda 2018 is the Motogiro D’Italia. Despite the age, by now we have reached more than one hundred years, the event born in 1914 and relaunched in 1989 by the Moto Club Terni, is the oldest and most prestigious Italian motorcycle race in stages, but this does not stop giving always new emotions. The event, under the aegis of both the Italian Motorcycling Federation and the International Motorcycling Federation, offers new itineraries every year, capable of involving motorcyclists from all over the world, armed with a sporting spirit and the healthy passion of the golden years of motorcycling, always find a new opportunity to discover and rediscover unforgettable routes that our beautiful Italy gives us. The Motogiro D’Italia is not only a historical re-enactment, but it’s an event linked to the history of both the vehicles and the territory that hosts it, an opportunity to experience it kilometer after kilometer. The event that will start on April 30th will lead us to discover a territory linked to the world of engines for excellence, in fact will be the Motorvalley, the industrial district located in Emilia Romagna, where companies related to the world of motorsport are concentrated, beyond characterized by the presence of numerous specialized museums and dedicated services such as racetracks and circuits for sports competitions. An authentic land of engines, considered cultural heritage of the region, which will give us the opportunity to know a territory both from the interesting historical, landscape and cultural development, but also from the innate passion for two and four wheels. Unmissable stages of this new adventure will be the Ducati Museum in Borgo Panigale, the Museum of Enzo Ferrari in Modena not to forget the Museum of Marco Simoncelli in Coriano. Starting from Bologna and continuing to Modena, Parma, Imola, up to the Adriatic Riviera, Rimini, Misano and San Marino, these are just some of the places that the Motogiro D’Italia in the 2018 edition will touch, through its 6 stages and more 1000 km to go. Participants from all over the world will be able to complete their registration until March 30th 2018 on the website www.motogiroitalia.it. If all the stories start with a ‘once upon a time’ in this case we must say WE WILL THERE, the next April 30, 2018 for a new adventure yet to be told.